IP Telephony & VoIP

The Keycom Voice Platform can do anything that a traditional phone system can do but at a reduced capex and opex and increased flexibility. For smaller sites the routing and configuration solution is hosted on our cloud platform with a dedicated onsite VPN to connect to each site. For larger ones Keycom deploy an onsite server to handle sites with a higher number of handsets, backed up by a virtual mirror on our cloud platform.


Every business needs to have their field staff contactable and so comes the inevitable mobile phone bill, whether you are spending hundreds or tens of thousands of pounds each month Keycom can probably save you a good proportion of your bill and upgrade the handsets of your staff.

Unified Communications

Transforming the way businesses operate around the world, adopting a Unified Communications strategy can add profit and drive value to your business by engaging with your customers. Whilst this could be a challenging experience for many, having Keycom there providing all the guidance required ensures that the journey is a rewarding one.